The silent H

Von Pelt Atelier is presenting a sculpture as a design piece.
A Totem. Called "The silent H"
This object has been made by sculptors from the old city of Seville, in Spain, which specialize in religious imagery, using the same traditional methods from the 16th century.
The wooden trunk with a rough, natural bark has been violently hit to expose the raw inside of the tree...
The more we divert our glance upwards, we see that those strokes become more subtle and defined, shaping the formless matter into a geometrical structure and a colour of something universally recognised.
Something aknowledged by the worldly ones, as the ultimate symbol of refinement, and luxury.
The progressive morphing of Nature into artifice.. from Godly chaos into Human order.
From living pulp to empty cellulose, a boxy shell of dreams. All this lovingly stacked at home.... to remind us like precious relics that all is good....and of comfort, safety and wealth.
The holy pyramid, the sacred object, the emblem of our tribe, that we all worship and never like to let go. Yours to have at Rossana Orlandi, Salone 2016